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The Testament of the Prime Minister

I devote the nation to revolutions every 40 years. Its goal is to seek freedom and the equality for Chinese people.Accumulated with 40 years experience, Sun fully realized that he wanted to achieve this goal by arousing the masses and uniting the nation by acquring equality in the nation and struggling together. Revolutions have not succeeded for now: every commodes must act  according to "General plan for national reconstruction", "Founding of the nation Program","Three People's Principles of Sun Yat-sen" and the first National People's Congress manifesto. We should continue to try hard to implement the practice of democracy. The advocates in the recent national conference need but, as soon as it is possible, to abolish the unqual treaties. We need to have all these beliefs realized.

China on February 24, 1925    Sun Wen

The Testament of Ex-President Chiang Kai-shek


Since young I have been following Sun in his revolutionary activites and as always, am involved in Christianity. We have been trying to clean up all the barriers which go against "Three People's Principles" of Sun Yat-Sen. In the previous twenty years, we have been stricking hard to construct a constutional governmentin the free base (Taiwan). Such has become stronger and stronger in strength and power every day, unceasedly launching numerous policitical to combat with the communist party and its evil influence in order to take back the mainland. Such a strong determination has overwhelmed everyone of us: every civilians, every soldiers, every party comrade---our nation! Please, comrades, do not be too upset and desprited with sorrows for my death. For every one of us should work together and obey the leadership of the party.We should work inconsistently according to "Three People's Principles" to have it realized. My lifetime goal is to recover the mainaland as national territory; preserve the democratic battle. The goal has to be realised with the involvement, devotion and determination of every civilian and soldier everywhere. I hope that we need to have a firmer and infinite forbearance and exerts to strive for improvements, to fulfill the responsibilities of achievign this national revolution. We must not stop; must be zealous; must be brave; must not delay and terminate!

China on March 29, 1975

The Testament of Ex-President Chiang Ching-kuo

After the country entrusting of the national, is dealt with in unifies diligently by Three People's Principles of Sun Yat-sen the Chinese great undertaking, goal of for the together struggle.If my limits for the natural lifespan, you are urgently requested the government and the populace persevere anti the duplicate country decision-making, and looks consistent positively carries out the democratic constitutionalism construction.The national soldiers and civilians, in Premier Three People's Principles of Sun Yat-sen with president under the teachings of the deceased direction, must unite as one first, the struggle, accelerates to recover the mainland, completes unifies great undertaking of the Chinese by Three People's Principles of Sun Yat-sen, is cuts stares at.

China on January 5, 1988

Three People's Principles of Sun Yat-sen

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